Recorded: Thursday, June 2, 2016
Duration: 1 hour
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Virtual reality is no longer the future, it's the present. Facebook, The New York Times, and an array of hospitality and consumer companies are using it.  A recent article in Fortune suggests the market for virtual reality could be a whopping $150 billion in just four years.
In this webcast, we heard from 3 innovative companies pushing the envelope of VR, and learned about the opportunity to invest in their success.


Jan Goetgeluk, CEO

We also heard from Cosmo Scharf, founder of VRLA, the world's largest virtual and augmented reality expo. Cosmo kicked-off the program by discussing why things are moving so fast in the industry.

Phil Johnston, Cofounder
Eric Janszen, CEO

See why big corporations are investing billions into virtual reality technology.

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Virtuix is a virtual reality motion platform transforming seated gameplay into an immersive and active experience. The company has pre-sold more than 4,000 units of its Omni platform and started delivering units in December 2015. Institutional investors participating in this round include Scentan Ventures, Western Technology Investment, Tekton Ventures, 2020 Ventures, and Scout Ventures.

Virt is bringing reality into virtual reality, with robots.  The company is developing a new way to create virtual copies of real-world spaces, using 360-degree video rovers. This method is an effective way to create virtual walkthroughs for real estate and marketing applications.


VirZOOM is a virtual reality platform that looks like an exercise bike, paired with a suite of games. The platform harnesses users' movement to control their avatars in the virtual world. VirZOOM's development team has created arcade-style, VR exercise games, designed to keep people moving. The development team includes veterans from Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Dance Central.


Both accredited and unaccredited investors may invest in Virtuix


Raising $1,500,000 in Seed financing


Raising $3,500,000 in Seed financing with $2,500,000 raised

Raising $7,000,000 in Series A financing with $4,700,000 raised 

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